Year 3’s Little Red Riding Hood Tweets

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To finish our English topic of Folk Tales, Year 3 have practised rewriting the story of Little Red Riding Hood in the form of a tweet.  We discussed how a tweet only has 140 characters and how we had to shorten our sentences.  Here are just some of the great tweets they produced …


“LRRH visits ill gma.She meets a wolf in the woods. Wolf’s at Gmas. Dresses up as Gma.  Tries to eat LRRH. Man helps Gma and wolf runs away scared.”

By Millie H, Jamie P and Maryum


“LRRH visits gran who is ill. LRRH meets wolf. Wolf goes to grans house dresses as gran. LRRH comes in wolf tries to eat LRRH. Man comes wolf runs.”

By Kate, Megan and Isabel


“LRRH goes to grans house. LRRH goes into wood. Wolf goes to grans house. Wolf tries to eat LRRH. Man goes to grans house.  Man kills wolf.”

By James, Tom and Joseph E



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