Science Week: Year 6 vlog from space!

By Mr. Setchell on Thursday, November 26, 2015 in English, Science. No Comments

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As part of our Science Week where we’ve been considering life for future humans, Year 6 have been writing and recording vlogs (video diaries) from space to their folks back home in Bournville.

Here’s a taste of life in space:

” . . . then there’s the toilet. It’s not what you’d expect. You have to do it into a suction tube and WHOOOOP, it flies straight out into space.”

“Yesterday, we burst open a packet of nuts and played anti-gravity Pac-Man.”

“Trying to make a sandwich is a joke: you end up chasing little yellow clouds of butter around the pod if you’re not careful. Also, the dehydrated space ‘spinach’ is like chewing an an old, smelly sock that’s been played with by a dog.”

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