Year 3 Trip to the Synagogue

By Miss Edwards on Tuesday, June 28, 2016 in Religious Education, Year 3. 2 Comments

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Year 3 had a lovely visit to Birmingham’s Progressive Synagogue today.  We learnt about the similarities between Judaism and other religions.  As we looked around the Progressive Synagogue, we sat in their prayer room (the Sanctuary) and looked at the Menorah. We were told about the holy table and how the Jewish people celebrate with a Shabbat meal. Inside their prayer room we all wore a Kippot to cover our heads and to show respect. Furthermore, we got to see where the Torah scrolls are kept. A very informative day!


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  • Anaya Yasin says:

    I went to the synagogue it was amazing I especially loved when we got to see a mini version and the real version of the Tora. Overall, I had an amazing time and I loved every single bit.

    • Gary Evans says:

      Hi Anaya, I am glad you had a good visit. How does the synagogue compare to other places of worship?