Year 5 Busy Buzzy Bumble Bee Song

By Gary Evans on Thursday, November 3, 2016 in Music, Year 5. 26 Comments

Listen here to the amazing song composed by Year 5 and Sarah Baker as part of the Polli:Nation project. We are hoping to enter our song into a competition. Let us know what you think!

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  • Marie Wellings says:

    Hi Bournville Juniors
    I love this, what an excellent entry for the competition. I look forward to working with you all and keep up this great work.
    Hoping to see some Student Ambassadors this Thursday afternoon for bulb planting maybe with the Infants School??
    All the best

  • Ellie 5S says:

    I really enjoyed the experience with Sarah Baker .I love the song you made up and the piano tune .I cant stop singing it .It was so fun thankyou very much
    from Ellie 5S

  • Friends of Bournville Park says:

    We love your song. Great tune and rhythm and fabulous singing. Well done Bournville Juniors Year 5.] (and GaryEvans)

  • luke b says:

    well done bournville the song needed improving

  • bo says:

    welldone but the song needed some improoving

  • bo says:

    Well done. A good effort and I enjoyed making it. There was a melody created by the drums. If we did this again, I would used different instruments.
    Bo Morris

  • George 5E says:

    I think we worked really hard on this. Come on ,5e,5s do you think we could improve this

  • Sophia 5E says:

    It was really fun working with Mrs Baker , composing our own song for the Polli:Nation project !

  • Isabelle 5JE says:

    I enjoyed making our own verse up

  • Haytham says:


  • oliverwise5E says:

    Wow this is what we composed amazing just like some real composers Mr evans

  • nyah says:

    Amazing, cool backing track???

  • nyah says:

    Love the tongue twister busy busy bumble bees??

  • Ryan Cottrill 5E says:

    Really fun working with Miss Baker on this pollination project thanks to Miss Vaughn and Miss Baker for all the effort not many things we could have done better well done asswell to my class 5E and 5JE GREAT MUSIC from everyone involved and thanks to Miss Baker for the tune set up and thanks to our school for all the opportunities

  • Wow! I’m impressed Year 5!
    You’ve worked brilliantly as a team to create something original.
    I’m proud of you all.

  • Martha 5JE says:

    I really enjoyed making this song and being composers. Thank you Sarah Baker for helping!

  • Jacob says:

    I LOVE DIS EXPERIENCE!!!!!!!???I really didn’t want to stop ???????????????

  • Emma5E says:

    I loved working on this song it was so fun.

  • Oliver 5JE says: says:

    I would just like to say a huge thank you to sarah baker and miss vaughn for helping us make such a brilliant song

  • Oliver 5JE says: says:

    I also love the fact that we kids were allowed to help come up with such brilliant verses and i also enjoyed composing our own songs for an arts award which fingers crossed i get!!!!!!!!

  • Vasileios Gogouvitis says:

    well done but a bit of improving