Beautiful painting of our school

By Claire Williams on Friday, November 11, 2016 in Community. 4 Comments

Some members of our school community may remember Bob (Norman) Barnett who was previously a head teacher here at Bournville Junior School. Bob sadly passed away in 2007. I was pleased to welcome his son, Neil, to school earlier this week. Mr Barnett told  me that his dad remembered his time at our school fondly and wanted to donate a  gift.

The gift is a painting (below), painted by Diane Edwards, wife of Phil Edwards, Bob Barnett’s Deputy Head Teacher. The Barnett family contacted  Mrs Edwards  and she was also keen  that the painting  came to our school.

I am sure you agree that it is a beautiful image of our school in spring time and I  am looking for just the right spot to hang it for us all to enjoy. Huge thanks to the Barnett family and Mrs Edwards for their generous gift.

school painting


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  • Sophia 5E says:

    I think its a lovely painting of our school !!!

  • Ryan Cottrill 5E says:

    Great painting lots of deitail

  • Mrs Williams says:

    I think so too Sophia, maybe you could help me to find a good place to hang it

  • Emma5E says:

    I think it is a beautiful painting of our school and it shows our beautiful bell tower.