Year 3 shadow making

By Linda Samuels on Friday, May 19, 2017 in English, Science, Year 3. 2 Comments

Year 3 did some cross curricular investigations, which included performing a scene from a book they are studying in English. To do this they used shadow dancing to explore their  Science topic which is light.

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  • Theo says:

    To Miss Samuels,
    I enjoyed the shadow performance because it was cool watching it.
    You had to be close to the sheet to make it strong.
    I hope you enjoyed the performance
    They were all fabulous
    From Theo 3S

  • Daisy P says:

    To Miss Samuels,
    I loved doing the Edward Tulane shadow performances because I loved the book.
    Like Theo said you have to be close to the sheet for it to be strong.
    But if you are far away you can’t see anything.
    I hope are topic is better next time! They were all fantastic !!!!!!
    From Daisy 3S