Year 6 Learning Adventure: Central Mosque trip

By Mr. Setchell on Saturday, May 20, 2017 in Community, Learning Adventure, Religious Education, Year 6. No Comments

This week, we enjoyed a trip to Central Mosque in Birmingham to prepare for the start of our final learning adventure – The Golden Age of Islam.

Can you answer our quiz based on the photos we took?


Photo 16-05-2017, 11 03 57

Why do the clocks all show different times?

Photo 16-05-2017, 10 40 47

Why do many mosques have a large, domed ceiling?

Photo 16-05-2017, 11 16 35

What is your estimate for how many worshippers  can fit into the mosque?

Photo 16-05-2017, 11 54 25

How do these beads help you pray?

Screen Shot 2017-05-20 at 15.31.22

How has the Quran changed since it was first written down?

Photo 16-05-2017, 11 41 19

Why is the colour green significant in Islam?

Photo 16-05-2017, 10 41 13

What are the five pillars of Islam?

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