“if I were Prime Minister” by 6C

By Gary Evans on Monday, June 12, 2017 in Year 6. 1 Comment

Firstly, I would like to raise the point that all men and women should have equal rights because at the moment< some men and women have the same job and men are getting paid more Such as: surgeons, financial managers, retail salespersons and instructors. These are just a few of the jobs with gender pay gaps. So, if I were Prime Minister, I would sort this out.

Secondly, I would like to tell everyone about what is happening to animals as we speak. Some animals are being forced to perform in front of audiences. Orca whales at sea world are being held in captivity and there pools are roughly the size of them. Many orca whales have killed people because they are not happy; they are having their calves taken away from them which may have caused this. Can you imagine having your child taken away from you? Of course we cannot set them free now as they would not survive because they have been in captivity for too long. This is also something I would sort out.

Thirdly, I would like you to consider your child’s mental health. Your child’s happiness. Your child’s well-being. Do you think the children of this country are as happy as can be? I believe we can do better. I believe it is not just about getting the best education but about being in a happy environment at school as well. I believe we can give some children the education they need and happiness  too.

If you want equal rights for men and women. If you want animals to be treated with care. If you want the children of Britain to be educated and happy. Then vote for me. A better future is in your hands.

By Mary Holcombe


If i were Prime Minister I would make the UK a better place to live in. Firstly I would make it a better place for children like letting children chose what lesson they do for one lesson of the day and making subjects like P.E and art happen as much as Maths and English. Then i would make it a better place for students at university. I would make it free to go to uni so that students don’t have as much pressure paying back there fees and can focus on getting a better education. Then I would make it better for the poor, as much as I could, like saying that richer people have to pay more tax and more money would go to the poor and towards making more homeless shelters. Lastly I would make it a better place for everyone by giving a lot more money to the NHS as they are the ones that keep us alive and have probably helped you or someone that you know from dying or getting seriously unwell. I hope you enjoyed my speech.

By Susie Catling

If i were Prime Minister: i would ban smoking because it is very harmful for children if they breathe it in and is harmful for adults to! It causes lung cancer and it costs the NHS a lot of money  of money to help people get better or help them live longer with operations.

If this was not possible to ban, then i think we should raise the age when it is legal to smoke at 21-years-old, instead of 16-years-old! I would change the age because your body isnt properly developed at 16! Teenagers take more risks so by 21 you might be more responsible to make decisions! THANK YOU!



If I were Prime Minister, I would increase the number of staff and medical resources (for instance, new equipment and technology) for the National Health Service; I strongly believe that it is important that everyone is healthy, no matter what race, no matter what gender, no matter what disability. If people are disabled, an increase in numbers for the National Health Service will help these people lead happy, normal lives. Everyone deserves to live a pleasant life, but if you are unwell, it is a lot harder to do so. If the National Health Service becomes larger, diseases that are very harmful will not often be fatal. This could increase the ageing population, and will help elderly people live longer, healthier and happier.

By Lara Rowe

If I were Prime Minister, I would increase the Bee population as if Bees become extinct it would impact us as humans.We as humans , rely on Bees. Without Bees producing nectar or spreading pollen then plants can’t grow and produce food for us to eat;also no Bees means low oxygen as plants produce oxygen.To help this i would make sure that all around the country there are Bee boxes. you can make them with wood and bamboo.I would also decrease university, childcare, nursery and care homes. The reason i would decrease nursery and childcare fees is because there are lots of people in the UK struggling with childcare.I would also decrease university fees as to go there and get a job is great but if you have no money then you can’t experience that.Finally care homes elderly people need a safe place to end there life. Thank you.

By Abby Hurley



If i were Prime Minister, i would ensure that all children have a good education where they can learn about many things in the world. I would also work with schools to allow children to be more active. I would try to create access to free sports facilities to younger people. I would work with local communities to organise more street parties and local events.

Given that children are the future of the world i would work to provide a safe and clean environment. We could try to introduce more electric transport and get volunteers from schools to help clean up the environment; example: picking up litter. this could all help the world we live in, if we all work together.

By Grace Deane!!!

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  • Miss Peacock says:

    Wow 6C! You would all make fabulous prime ministers. I particularly like the one about the bees ? we could all put up a bee house in our gardens and leave a patch of garden to grow wild just for them. This would also encourage our beautiful butterflies too which are on the decline. MORE WILD FLOWERS ? ☺