Cast interviews: Year 6 production

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It’s the big week! On Thursday and Friday, year 6 will present their production of ‘Robin and the Sherwood Hoodies’. We’ve been busy interviewing the cast members for their views . . .

Q – Were you surprised to find you had landed these parts?

A – Poppy (Grabbit): I didn’t really know who Grabbit was, but when I found out it’s a funny character, I was happy.

A – Robin Hood (Lewis): I really wanted this part and was shocked and surprised when I got it.

A – Maddy (Nursie): In a way, but this part really suits my personality so I thought I might get it.

Q – Did you struggle to learn your lines?

A – Poppy (Grabbit): It was really helpful go through it with my dad.

A – Lewis (Robin Hood): They’re pretty easy to remember because its such a funny script.

A – Maddy (Nursie): Yes! There’s so much to learn.

Q – What was your family’s reaction when you got your part?

A – Poppy (Grabbit): Proud and pleased.

A – Lewis (Robin Hood): They were really happy.

A – Maddy (Nursie): They were very happy, we celebrated by having a cake!

  from the media team: Ella, Paige and Isabel

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