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At BJS we talk to our children regularly about our school values. These values determine the behaviours that we live within as a school community,and that we want the children to hold and demonstrate as they get older. The language of our values is something that staff will use when talking to children about their behaviour, when giving rewards and in PSHE lessons and assemblies. We support pupils in identifying when and where these values might be used and developed. We believe that it is easier to make a good choice when you know what your values are.

We think it is important for parents to be aware of our values and the language we use, especially as some of these concepts can be tricky to put into child friendly language. I have given some examples of how we might see children demonstrating BJS values around school:

Care and Respect

  • Play safely
  • Show concern for the wellbeing of others
  • Be friendly
  • Make others feel welcome
  • Consider the needs of others
  • Be polite
  • Treat others as they would like to be treated
  • Celebrate our differences

Fairness and Integrity

  • Play by the rules
  • Everyone gets an equal opportunity
  • Stand up for others who need help
  • Be honest
  • Be reliable
  • Do the right thing – even when no one is watching!
  • Be true to yourself and your values

Co-operation and Participation

  • Work as a team
  • Help each other to succeed
  • Work together peacefully to resolve conflict
  • Listen to the views of others
  • Join in and show enthusiasm for school activities
  • Contribute ideas to improve our school & world
  • Thrive on feedback


  • Take responsibility for your choices
  • Take responsibility for your things
  • Provide a good example to others
  • Be in the right place at the right time
  • Take responsibility for being organised and prepared to learn

Challenge and Excellence

  • Challenge yourself
  • Accept hard work and deliberate practice as part of achieving excellence
  • Celebrate your achievements and the achievements of others
  • Be proud of your school

Please let us know if you feel that someone in our school community has done a good job of demonstrating our school values so that we can tell them it was noticed and we are proud of them.

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