Year 4 Maths: Tagtiv8

By Mr. Setchell on Friday, October 13, 2017 in Maths, PE, Year 4. 3 Comments

It was maths on the move today when we had a lesson using our fantastic Tagtiv8 kit. We played a variety of maths games that helped us to practise our mental maths skills. Afterwards, we all agreed that we loved the physical and mental challenges of Tagtiv8 and shared our own ideas of how we could use it.

What games can you think of?


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  • Mrs Williams says:

    This looks like great fun & a brilliant way to practise your mental maths skills. Maybe you could write to Tagtiv8 with your ideas – I bet they would love to hear them! Mrs Williams

  • Bryn Llewellyn says:

    We were so pleased to see the tweet about this blog post – it really made our day!
    Looking at the images, it’s obvious that you are enjoying our #activelearning games.
    Can’t wait to see what you get up to next.
    Keep tweeting about your #moveandlearn activities in Maths.
    Enjoy the week ahead…
    Team Tagtiv8

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