Year 3

By Robin Adkins on Monday, October 30, 2017 in Science, Uncategorized, Year 3. 2 Comments

This term, year 3 have had an amazing time in science.  One of our favourite lessons was when we investigated “thrust”.  We wanted to work out how to make our model, balloon powered, cars travel further.  We changed the variable of how much air was blown into the balloon.  We discovered that the more air that is blown into the balloon, the further it travels.    We realised that this increased the thrust force coming out of the balloon and so the balloon travelled further.

What other variables could we have changed to make the car travel further?

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  • Sam says:

    We could have changed how secure the wheels were. From Sam

  • Elikem says:

    Or we could have changed the amount of straws and balloons.