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By Miss Edwards on Monday, November 6, 2017 in English, Year 5. 33 Comments

In English, we are currently doing an author study of the poet, Grace Nichols. From her book, ‘Cosmic Disco’ we read the poem, ‘When the Colours Spoke.’
Each of the children were assigned a colour on their table and they thought of objects, which use that colour and they thought about what makes the object so special. Once noting their ideas down, the children worked together on their tables to write their own stanza.
All of the stanzas were put together to form a class poem, written in the style of the poem, ‘When the Colours Spoke.’


When the Colours Spoke

Use me said Red.
I hold all your mail without letting go,
I stand in the battle field, waving in the breeze,
I’m a vibrant organ keeping you alive,
You try to find me deep underground, whilst I sparkle in the dust.

Use me said Yellow.
I separate land from sea,
I resemble spring with happiness that I bring,
Hearing the yellow, chirping bird,
The world is dead without me.

Use me said Blue,
I am the spherical heart of space,
I bloom with a piercing blue and sway,
Blueberries will erupt with flavours in your mouth,
Find sapphires which shine vibrantly.

Use me said White.
I protect polar bears by giving them camouflage in the snow,
I am the one clean colour in your mouth,
Tasty and sweet crystals, which you love over cakes,
Winters are made fun with me.

Use me said Black.
The solar system is coated in me,
Like ink absorbed in paper,
The shadows of the night are a mystery,
You cannot depart from me.

Use me said Green.
I have my clouds to protect Venus,
My fields of grass are different shades of green,
No landscape is completed without me,
Without trees, you will not live!

Written by 5JE


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  • Miss Mattocks says:

    Wow Yesr 5! This is an amazing poem- I love how you have used personification to bring objects to life and you have carefully selected very powerful verbs! I’m so impressed! I wonder what Grace Nichols would think of your new version?

  • Mrs Richardson says:

    What a special piece of writing; a brilliant way of sharing your work. I love the imagery you have used. Impressive stuff, 5JE!

  • Miss Lambeth says:

    Well done 5JE – your vocabulary choices are spectacular! I particularly like your use of the senses to add detail. I’ll be sharing this with 6L tomorrow!

  • Mr. Setchell says:

    Brilliant figurative language, year 5. I wonder what grey would say?

  • Miss Samuels says:

    A very powerful poem 5JE – I am particularly impressed with how you have used personification and adjectives!

  • Gary Evans says:

    Great work, 5JE! My favourite stanza is blue. Super vocab choices.
    Good job!

  • Sushant5JE says:

    Use me said Grey.
    I am the colour of silver itself,
    A popular colour in rainclouds,
    I am nature, like an endangered snow leopard.
    I am key to your writing, as I leave a silver trail over you paper.

  • Jana 5JE says:

    Use me said Grey.
    Galileo used me every day,
    Over time your hair will change colour,
    Angry clouds of mist will consume your sight,
    So use me said Grey.

  • Thomas 5JE says:

    Use me said Grey.
    I am the angry one in the sky,
    My animal loves to squirt water,
    I am the colour of the rock orbiting the Earth,
    I’m very common underground.

  • Harrison says:

    Use me said Grey.
    I am large and friendly with ivory tusks,
    I am a large and fluffy and send thunder through the sky.

  • Amandine 5JE says:

    Use me said Grey.
    The weather does,
    I leave a silver trace on paper,
    As the elephants walk by.

  • Bethan 5JE says:

    Use me said Grey ,
    I spurt out water from my trunk and my bulky ears flap in the wind,
    Angry clouds shoot out lightning from their fingertips,
    I am a smokey gas that fills the air ,
    A gloomy silver scribble over your paper.
    Use me said grey.

  • Grace C 5JE says:

    Use me said Grey,
    I can make you a dark and gloomy background,
    I put the mystery in your stories,
    But who lights up the sky at night?
    Me,but you can only see a hint of light.

  • Tia 5JE says:

    Use me said Grey .
    I will bring mischief to your drawing,
    I will bring mysteries to your death,
    The mysteries will come alive.

  • Jessica 5JE says:

    Use me said Grey.
    Tall and wide, I trudge along the the sand,
    High up in the sky I bring darkness and damp to the land,
    Gaze at me as I leave a trail of deep grey writing on your crystal white page.

  • Vignesh 5JE says:

    Use me said Grey.
    My silver tribe of Elephants created in the jungle,
    Mother nature is angry producing her rainy clouds,
    I am a cozy colour, but people don’t believe me,
    You don’t like me, but really inside you couldn’t live without me.

  • Elinor 5JE says:

    Use me said Grey,
    I am the one that most never use,
    The mist I bring to a view can be devastating,
    When rain clouds appear,
    You will always remember me.

  • Rachel 5JE says:

    Use me said Grey.
    I will bring mischief to your picture,
    I give depth to your shadow,
    I bring anger to storm clouds.

  • Freya 5JE says:

    Use me said Grey.
    I am the colour of the moon,
    Without me you would not have big, tall squirting animals,
    Children of Bournville use me everyday.

  • Archie H says:

    Use me said Grey.
    You can hear loud elaphants go by,
    I can make places misty,
    With alot of clouds.

  • Kiera 5JE says:

    Use me said Grey,
    I am your large strong tall disguise,
    I will support you with a sweet tarmac tea,
    There would be no rain without me.

  • Persephone 5JE says:

    Use me said Grey.
    I define the winter sky in the morning so you know day has come,
    Elephants can camouflage because of my damp tint,
    I make sure you are warned when my colour fills a storm.
    So use me.

  • Max 5JE says:

    Use me said Grey.
    I’ll accompany the sky and I’m Earth’s side kick,
    The cars are safe when driving on me,
    I leave footprints in Africa’s deserts,
    Tarmac is my cup of tea.

  • Matilda 5JE says:

    Use me said Grey.
    I’m a colourless ray,
    I have the power to turn a wonderful day
    into a miserable week,
    Everybody uses me.

  • Jamie 5JE says:

    Use me said Grey.
    I am a water spurting and an endangered creature,
    I am a magical mystery in the air producing water, I am used as a doorway to unlimited imagination through grey lines,
    A whisp of fog that conceals everything.

  • Clara 5JE says:

    Use me said Grey.
    The other artists do,
    The led from the pencil can create swirling images of anything in your imagination,
    I am powerful too,
    Hair, which was once young and full of life, ages because of me.

  • Ruth 5JE says:

    Use me said Grey.
    I am the colour of huge, strong and intelligent creatures,
    Mother Nature aggrees by using me on a rainy day,
    So please consider me.

  • Izzy 5JE says:

    Use me said Grey.
    Musty smoke fills the air,
    Think what the sky would say,
    Watch me as I leave a silver mark on your page,
    A large, grey trunk spirting water goes by,
    Without me there would be no thunder when I’m in a rage.

  • Use me said Grey.
    An alarm sounds as a thick cloud of gas fills the air,
    Tall, muscular animals spray water from their trunk.

  • Mr. Setchell says:

    Wow! What a response! . . . Earth’s sidekick . . . brilliant.

  • Amandine 5JE says:

    Dangerous, patient
    It waits
    For his prey.

  • Miss Burns says:

    Wow Year Five, what a beautiful poem. I absolutely love the imagery that have used, bringing so much detail to the mind of the reader. I’d love a copy please. Very well done all!

  • Robin Adkins says:

    Superb team effort! Keep up the good work.