Year 5 Poetry

By Miss Edwards on Tuesday, November 7, 2017 in English, Year 5. 3 Comments

Today Year 5 have each written an individual stanza using descriptive language.  Their stanza has been based on the poem, ‘Winter Trees’ by Sue Nichols.


Winter Trees

Gnarled hands

in upward prayer

for green.

We have given them the opportunity to blog this poetry for you to see.



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  • Freya 5JE says:

    Small mouths,
    Unfortunate messages spreading,
    Snap … it’s gone.

  • Jana 5JE says:

    I really like the poem by Sue Nichols. I tried making my own one and I hope you like it.

    The unfortunate willow tree
    fingers cold as ice,
    heart getting slower,
    he’s gone………

  • Jana 5JE says:

    wow Freya ! I really like it . I really like the ending part when it says ‘ Snap…it’s gone. ‘ It made me want to read on.