Year 4 Roman Day

By Stuart Ash on Friday, November 24, 2017 in Learning Adventure, Year 4. 2 Comments

Year 4 had a fantastic day yesterday for our Roman Day.

Who would have thought we would be meeting a Roman soldier? The soldier taught us all about what it is like to be a Roman, from what equipment they used in battle to what they used to eat. Did you know that Romans used to brush their teeth with powdered mouse brains? YUK!

Throughout the morning, we had the chance to see if we would have made good soldiers. We practised how to respond to some Roman commands; we also learnt how to march like a real Roman, but most importantly, we practised our battle techniques against Boudicca and her army.


The fun did not stop there. We then spent the day creating our Roman shields, just like the Roman soldier brought in. They are looking great so far and we look forward to finishing these next week.

Please look out for more photos.

Year 4

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  • Mrs Williams says:

    It sounds like you had a brilliant day Year 4 and I am impressed to hear about your good listening skills for your Roman visitor. I didn’t know that Roman soldiers brushed their teeth with powdered mouse brains! What other interesting facts do you know about life in Roman times?

  • georgina 4hp says:

    roman day was so much fun contance and so on had no roman clothes.