Year 6 Trebuchets

By Karen Spinks on Tuesday, November 28, 2017 in History, Learning Adventure, Year 6. 3 Comments

What a fun and informative day! Year 6 have found out about how the Vikings used Trebuchets at the Siege of Paris.

They then designed their own Trebuchets, built them out of K’Nex, tested them, improved them and finally, evaluated them.

Here’s a sneak preview of some of our tests, launching marshmallow projectiles to break down the castle wall.

Year 6 parents, you will have the opportunity to test them for yourselves at our SATs morning, next Wednesday, 6th December. We look forward to seeing you there.


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  • Mr. Setchell says:

    That’s an activity packed with maths. When I came into your classrooms, I was very impressed with your teamwork and the iterative approach you took to refining your designs, year 6.

  • Mrs Williams says:

    These look fantastic Year 6! I can’t wait to try them out next week. I wonder what you found to be the most challenging part of this project?

  • Sophie 6S says:

    I really liked making the Trebuchets . It was fun to experiment different ways of using the knex and trying to knock down the wall of blocks! Our one managed to knock down seven blocks which I am quite proud of but didn’t manage to knock down the full seventeen which is a shame. We could have probably made ours a bit smaller because we were wasting lots of the knex by making it so big!! I really enjoyed the lesson and it was an excellent day.