Snow day English

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Keep yourselves busy in between all of that snowman building you’ve been doing, with  the following challenges.


Writing challenges

  • Are you a budding author? Fancy yourself as the next J.K.Rowling or Michael Morpurgo? Use the following story starter to kick start your writing…

I lifted my fists to my eyes and rubbed away the blur after, what felt like, a very deep sleep. As my eyes came into focus, I noticed the glass dome above my head and delicate snow sitting at my feet… a snow globe?… I’m inside a snow globe!

Image result for trapped inside a snow globe

  • Prefer non-fiction writing? Then why not try researching information about the weather and how it works here: and write a factual report.
  • Fancy yourself as a weather forecaster? Start straight away! Go to:  and submit an observation based on the weather where you are now- you can even add photos!

Vocabulary challenges

  • Use these weather words  to create a crossword- you could even test your parents with it!
  • Did you come across a tricky weather word- practise spelling this technical vocabulary by playing hangman, word scramble or ‘look, cover, write, check’.


Whichever challenge you try, be sure to bring the results into school- the teachers would love to see them!


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