Solution to Snow Day Maths challenge

By Mr. Setchell on Monday, December 18, 2017 in Maths. No Comments

Here is the solution to the maths challenge about the different ages of Santa’s reindeer set on snow day last week. Well done to Lauren in year  3 and her dad for solving this one. Well done also to the 97 children who earned house points on the Sumdog snow days challenge, too! Here is their solution:

And here is how Mr Setchell solved it:



Here is the original puzzle:

CHALLENGE TWO: Blitzen is twice as old as Comet. Dasher is three years younger than Comet. If their ages sum to 53 years, how old is each of Santa’s reindeer? Show the correct answer with working out to your class teacher and they will give you 10 house points. An incorrect answer with working out will earn you 5 house points.

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