Christmas homework- English

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Try watching this Christmas advert, before having a go at some of the challenges below:

Discussion points- discuss these questions with an adult at home

  • What could be the greatest gift anyone could get at Christmas? It would be interesting to ask before and after watching the film.
  • Discuss why having your loved ones around you is worth more than any material gift.
  • Why is having the people you love around you more important at Christmas time?
  • Who may miss Christmas with their families and why?

Writing ideas- choose a challenge or two from below

  • Create a list of rhyming words:
    • Work/berserk,
    • Chaotic/idiotic,
    • Family/me.
  • Create your own verse for the song about the greatest gift or a day of ‘boring’ shopping or endless nativity rehearsals.
  • Write a diary entry for Dad showing how difficult his day was.
  • Write a Christmas wish letter to Santa.  This could be for yourself or for someone less fortunate than you, such as a homeless person, for example.
  • Create a letter for Mum/Dad/Guardian/Loved one/Friend telling them how much you appreciate all you do for them throughout the year.
  • After discussing who could be missing from families such as Firemen, nurses, ambulance drivers etc.  create Christmas cards for these people and send them to local fire stations and hospitals with appreciative messages inside.

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