Young Voices 2018

By Gary Evans on Thursday, February 1, 2018 in Community, Music. 3 Comments


On the journey to the Genting arena I was so excited I couldn’t keep still on the train and I had butterflies in my tummy when I was waiting outside the doors. I had never been to the Genting arena before, so it was all new for me. I didn’t know how many people it would be or how loud to expect it to be.

When we were walking along the corridor, to get to our seats, we could hear the children in the choir making lots of noise, stamping their feet and chanting “Young voices, young voices, young voices!” When we got into the arena children were waving and trying to spot their supporters.

The lights when down…it got dark. It went silent for a second, then the young voices choir and crowd erupted into screaming and cheering. The atmosphere was amazing, it gave me goosebumps. People were waving torches or phones with their lights on, there seemed to be so many people there. One of the Bournville Dad’s said the atmosphere and seeing and feeling the excitement of the choir at the beginning was one of his favourite bits of the whole evening.

When the choir started singing they started off with a medley of songs including Scooby doo, Spiderman, the Flintstones and Danger mouse. I could feel the beat of the music in my chest because it was so loud. I thought it was amazing because there was a 7 piece live band with musicians and backing singers who accompanied the Young Voices choir. There was a conductor called, David Lawrence, who helped all of the different schools sing together in one big choir. I was amazed how good it was, as they had only had one run through that afternoon altogether. The presenter for the evening who introduced the show and acts was called Gigi Morley.

The Young Voices choir, on Friday night, was made up of lots of different schools’ choirs and there were over 6500 children in the choir. There were some guest appearances from 3 different artists. Alfie Sheard, who is only 16 years old. He started busking on the streets of Northern England in his early teens. Natalie Williams, she performed her new song “Extraordinary”. She wrote it specially for Young Voices 2018 and the message of the song is that it is ok to be different and that everyone is special. I found the song absolutely awesome because of the inspiring message. The third guest appearance was The M4GENTS, a vocal harmony and beatboxing group. The beat boxing was great.

There was also an amazing street dance crew that performed a night at the movies remix and brought the music to life even more. The spotlights went down and they did a lightsabre fight.

It was a fantastic evening but nothing beat seeing the BJS choir singing their hearts out. Thank you to the parent helpers and also Miss Barber for helping us learn the words in assemblies and choir practices and not forgetting the wonderful Mrs Vaughan. I left feeling tired but happy. I can’t wait to have the opportunity to be part of Young Voices 2019! : )

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  • Lucy Henderson says:

    What a fabulous review Lottie! I agree it was a absolutely fabulous night and we have enjoyed the concerts so much the last 2 years we have been. Many thanks to all the staff and parent helpers who give up their time so that the pupils can experience being part such an amazing event. I hope BJS are still taking part in Young Voices when Kate gets into the junior school!!

  • Poppy Bunn says:

    I LOVED YV [young voices] so much.Since being in choir the whole time I have been in the Juniors I am lucky to have experienced so many concerts but YV is by far the best.The day of the concert is so much fun and no experience can match it. I would definitely recommend younger members of choir to take the opportunity as soon as it is offered because I would regret not going.

    • Gary Evans says:

      I’m really pleased that you enjoyed Young Voices so much. I will make sure that Mrs Vaughan gets your feedback. Thanks Poppy!