The Elephant In The Garden

By Bournville School on Thursday, March 29, 2018 in English, Library. 1 Comment

 By Michael Morpurgo 

The story is based on Elizabeth’s time in WW II. It starts off with elderly Elizabeth telling the story to Karl and his mum. Going on to explain her treacherous journey through the muddy paths whilst travelling from Dresden to America -with Marlene the elephant. They face many dangers on the way including the worrying feeling of bombs near by, nosy hosts and their sick and tired family. As well as roads packed with fellow civilians running away from the ruined city they used to know so well. With the bombs ripping the sky apart, how will they survive?

We enjoyed the book because as well as the heart-breaking moments it enables you to have a glimpse at how hard life must have been for people during that era. We recommend this book because it is very intriguing and once you begin you cannot stop reading until the end. Suitable for Year 5 and over.

The Bournville Bookworms


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  • Gary Evans says:

    What a great first review. I look forward to reading more! Thanks to The Bournville Bookworms.