Year 6 – Henry Moore statues

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By Megan and James We learned all about Henry Moore, the famous World War 2 artist and sculptor. We started off by learning about his history, then we sketched some of his sculptures, giving them emotions. Finally, we drew our own figures and sculpted them out of foil.

Year 6: Holdenby Evacuee Centre

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This week, Year 6 collected their identity cards and gas-mask boxes in preparation for mass evacuation to Holdenby House in Northamptonshire. On arrival, the evacuees were split into four villages: Upper Bottom, Lower Bottom, Hogsbottom and Great Whinging. While waiting for the charabancs to arrive, the evacuees participated in a variety of activities to ensure […]

Music Mark

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We are delighted to announce that we have been awarded Music Mark membership. See below for further details.

Great result for the netball team!

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Last Thursday, the netball team took part in a friendly game against St Laurence church Junior School.  The team worked really well together, especially in attack.  A few of the players have never been involved in a netball game like this before, but the enthusiasm and perseverance  they showed was amazing.  As a result, we […]

Year 4 Sound Investigations

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Year 4 had great fun today investigating what makes sound.  We discovered that it was to do with vibrations and sound waves.  We really enjoyed making our own instruments and trying to test what factors could affect a change in sound.  We listed some independent variables and conducted our experiments.  We need to consider if […]

Origami cranes – Year 5

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Year 5 have been visited by the Tsuru Peace Project. We have been shown how to make origami cranes and challenged to create 1,000 across the year group. They are all colours and sizes and our bags and boxes are now overflowing. Tomorrow they will begin their journey to Hiroshima as a peace offering, after […]