Rainforest roadshow

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                Today in all year 5 classes, we have being learning about rainforests with Dave Shaw as part of learning adventure. It was really fun and everyone enjoyed learning about different animals and poisonous plants. Also, we enjoyed learning the rhyme “red next to black friend of Jack, […]


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  In 5E we have being making pointillism pictures, a very hard art to master. It was inspired by two famous artists called Georges Seurat and Paul Signac. Our pointillism made a great addition to Mr Ellison’s classroom tree (top). All the best 5E.

South America in 5E

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In 5E , we have being learning about South America. We have really enjoyed finding out about all the flora and fauna of this wonderful continent. We have also enjoyed looking at all the interesting facts about South America. And we also helped Mr Ellison make a wonderful tree for the wall All the best, […]

Year 5 Homework

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Homework – Due in 5th June 2017 After half term our Learning Adventure topic will be North America. For your homework, we would like you to read the poem Human Family by American poet Maya Angelou. What message do you think Maya Angelou is sending with this poem? Draw a picture of the image that […]

School Allotment

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The school allotment is starting to take shape. We are slowly gathering momentum! It’s great to see so many children who are keen to help. Our next step is to get more parents involved, thanks to those of you who have already contributed, all of your efforts are greatly appreciated! We are looking for donations […]

Dear Bournville Juniors,

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Our Random Act of Kindness for this week was to write a positive post-it to  the school. Here are a few. “This school is amazingly fun and cool. I love all the teachers and I’ve made loads of friends.” “To school, thank you for everything, especially the library.” “Everybody’s really kind and helpful.” “I love […]