Special Educational Needs

Meeting the needs of pupils with Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND)

Under the Special Educational Needs (SEND) Code of Practice, September 2014, all schools have a duty to publish information on their websites about the provision they make for children with special educational needs or disabilities.

At Bournville Junior School, we embrace the fact that all children are different and have diverse learning needs. We make sure that we offer high quality inclusive teaching, which enables all children to make the best possible progress in school and feel that they are a valued member of the school community.

For some children, however, there are times when further additional support is needed to help them achieve their targets. This is when the Special Educational Needs team step in. We work closely with children, teachers, parents and agencies to ensure that all of our pupil’s needs are met. Please contact us either through the school office or by email at sen@bnvillej.bham.sch.uk.


If you would like a paper version of this policy, please contact the school office on 0121 675 9098 or email Sarah Woodall (SENDCo) at sen@bnvillej.bham.sch.uk

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