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By Miss Campbell and Miss Mattocks

At BJS, we believe that high quality P.E and sport inspires all pupils to succeed and excel in

competitive sport and other physically demanding activities. Providing opportunities for our pupils to compete in sport and other activities builds character and helps to embed values such as

fairness and respect.


Pupils are required to dress appropriately for P.E,

ensuring their utmost health and safety, by wearing:

  • Green shorts
  • A white t-shirt
  • Soft soled gym pumps (essential for indoor P.E)
  • Trainers (optional and for outdoor P.E only)

P.E kits should be stored in a kit bag and kept in school at all times. The teachers will

remind pupils to bring kits home to be washed at the end of each half term.

All pupils will be asked to remove any jewellery or watches and tie back long hair.


This year, class teachers will be teaching indoor P.E, to include gymnastics, dance and invasion games. Meanwhile, our expert sports coaches teach outdoor P.E, to include net/wall, striking/fielding games and athletics.


The P.E curriculum focuses on developing a broader range of skills, learning how to use them in different ways and through different sports.

Pupils should develop an

understanding of how to

improve in different physical activities and sports and learn how to evaluate and recognise their own success.



All schools are required to provide swimming instruction at some point in a pupil’s primary school career, this can be either during KS1 or KS2. In the past, BJS have provided

swimming instruction in every year group, however during the summer term we

conducted a survey with our pupils.

The results of the survey were interesting, and showed that over 53% of our pupils

receive swimming instruction outside of school and over 66% of them can swim 25m unaided, which is the end of KS2 expectation. For these reasons, we have chosen to adapt the frequency of swimming instruction.

All pupils will receive swimming instruction during years 3 and 4. Instead of a weekly 30min session, pupils will attend a daily 45min session for 10 consecutive days, where 2

qualified swimming instructors will lead the sessions.

If, by the end of year 4 there are any pupils who have not achieved the end of KS2

expectation of swimming 25m unaided, then further booster sessions will be provided

during year 5.

Swimming sessions for Year 3 will run throughout January and February 2016 and for Year 4 throughout April and May 2016. More information will follow in the Spring term.



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