Year 6: Safer Internet Day 2017 #SID2017

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Today was Safer Internet Day 2017. The  theme was ‘Be the change: unite for a better internet’. So we decided to think about the technical aspects of how the internet unites us.

First, we learned about the difference between the internet and the world wide web and then discovered how everything we view (like web pages) or share (like images) travels on the internet in tiny packets. Here’s a great video explaining how.   Most importantly, we understood how each piece of data has its own address and so does each of our devices. This made us think hard about the 3Cs: the content we view and create, how we conduct ourselves online and who we contact.


Here’s what we  learned:

Sofia: The internet connects to all other countries through fibre-optic wires under the sea.


Mohammad: When you share files, there is information about you included.


Maya: Web pages travel on the internet in tiny pieces called packets.


Evelena: The wires under the sea are made from glass which means that the packets can travel at the speed of light.



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