World Book Day 2017 Year 5 Homework

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To celebrate World Book Day, we would like you to write a book review of your favourite non-fiction or poetry book.

Include these sections:




Why you enjoy this book

A score out of 5

Make sure your post includes your name (with only the first letter of your surname) and your class.

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  • Elliot R 5S says:

    Title: Greek Myths

    Author: Marcia Williams

    Synopsis: The book I am reading talks about all these different Greek Myths like The Twelve Tasks Of Heracles, Perseus And The Gorgon’s Head. The book is laid out with picture stories telling you some of the myths the ancient Greeks thought were true.

    Why you enjoy this book: I enjoy this book because it is all about ancient myths that I think are quite interesting. My favourite myth is Jason And The Argonauts because it is all about adventure and monsters. Daedalus And Icarus is about Daedalus. He is amazing at mechanics and designs and builds a labyrinth for the king. The king thinks Daedalus will tell someone about the secret of the labyrinth so the king sent Daedalus and his Son Icarus to an island where they build wings and fly away like birds. BUT Icarus flies too close to the sun and the wax on the wings melts and he falls down to the sea … dead.

    A score out of 5: 5/5

  • Evie.F 5JE says:

    My favourite non-fiction book is called “Dog breeds for kids”. I think it’s a very good book because you can learn lots about different dog breeds. There is a picture of the breed and information underneath, like a caption but larger. The information says how tall they are and weight. It’s talks about there behaver and are they ok to be around kids or just grownups.

  • Cayenne 5E says:

    Middle School the worst years of my life by James Patterson
    This book is about a kid who faces middle school and other horrible things but luckily he has a friend to help.
    I enjoy this book because it reminds me that it could be me some day and there’s always something funny going on. I would rate this book 5/5.

  • Riccardo A 5JE says:

    My favourite non-fiction book is ‘See inside the world of Dinosaurs’ by Alex Frith and Peter Scott.
    It’s mostly about dinosaurs but it also talks about life before the dinosaurs.Each page has a title and a drawing of a scene with labels and flaps.
    I like it because it’s interesting and a bit funny.
    I would rate it 3.7/5.

  • Ryan Cottrill 5E says:

    Aston Villa Annual 2017

    Who Would I Reccomend This Book For?
    I would recommend this book for 5+ ages and for anyone at any age who supports Villa.

    What Is This Book About?
    This Book is about Aston Villa FC and it has lots of facts and figures of the 2015/16 season and Villas New summer signings from the Transfer Window and a Player Passport which has all of the players information and when they signed for Villa or things like that.

    What Is My Favourite Bit?
    My Favourite Bit is the Player Passports because you get to know about all the players and there information.

    What Is The Fun Stuff To Do In The Book?
    There are many goods Football related quizs in this book for the like Football Spot The Difference, Spot The Ball, Can You Help Hercules and Let’s Get Quizzical.

    Who Is My Favourite Football Player In This Book?
    My Favourite Player in this book is Jordan Ayew because he scored 7 Goals all together in all competitions for Aston Villa in the 2015/16 season more than any other Player that Season.

    Star Rating 4.5/5

  • Adam A 5JE says:

    My favourite biography is the Devils child by Jerry Coyne.
    The book is about a boy who was just 3 months old when his mum and dad deserted him in the middle of no where.
    He was then found and put into a catholic children home run by nuns of the order of the sister of Nazareth.
    Life soon settled into a rhythm and then one day the beating started.Every day he would have to hide .
    He then got sent to bording school for boys with behaviour problems.
    The same thing happened with physical abuse.

    I would recommend this book to people who want to know the real struggles of life.

    I enjoyed the book because it wasn’t to boring and wasn’t constant action.

    I would rate it 4.5\5

  • Isabelle 5JE says:

    Usborne Children’s World Cookbook
    By Usborne
    This cookbook tells you how to make simple things like jelly to apple tart. It also shows you how to make things quick and easy with easy to do instructions
    I like this book because it is really easy to follow because it has diagrams to show you what it should look like at that step. It also tells you at the front of the book what to do if you don’t know what is called (e.g: sifting) it would tell you how to do it.
    My favourite things to make are chocolate brownies, lebkuchen (a type of gingerbread) and new york cheesecake.
    I would give this book a 5/5 because it does easy and complicated things too.

  • HaythamA 5JE says:

    Discovering Dinosaurs
    small & scary by Michael Benton

    Discover the world of dinosaurs
    and there diet,habbitat,behavior and species.

    I enjoy this book because there is loads of fascinating
    facts about dinosaurs and like how they became extinct.

    I would rate this book 3 out of 5.

  • Gabrielle M 5E says:

    Title: Harry potter-page to screen [the complete film making journey]
    Author: Bob McCabe

    This book is about how they made the harry potter movies. It has a lot of detail including bits about: costumes, artifacts, locations and much, much more! It is set out with lots of pictures and illustrations
    [costume designs etc.]

    I love this book because it is so interesting and it tells you all the bits you didn’t know about like how the actress for Luna Lovegood[Evanna Lynch] made some of her own jewellery for the films

    my rating: 5/5 :]

  • Lucy J 5E says:

    Tittle: Florence Nightingale
    Author: Philip Ardagh
    Synopsis: This book is a fast and funny guide to the life of Florence Nightingale. It tells you about her life when she was young and during the Crimean War. The facts are in short paragraphs accompanied by funny diagrams.
    Why I enjoy it: I enjoyed this book because it tells you a lot about Florence Nightingale. I think the diagrams are really funny and go very well with the paragraphs.
    I would rate it 5/5 and recommend it for ages 7+

  • Martha M-B 5JE says:

    Inventions- A history of key inventions that changed the world
    Author: Adam Hart-Davis

    This book explains a lot about different inventions from the past such as light bulbs, vehicles, clocks and different forms of communication. It even includes the morse code and what it was used for! It includes lots of fun and fascinating facts. Did you know that toilet paper was invented in China in AD 600 and in England, families tore newspaper in to 10cm squares, punched a hole in one corner in each square and hung them on a nail?!

    I recommend this book because it is very interesting and if you ever need a quick fact about inventions in the history, then you know where to go! It has some funny illustrations with many flaps to pull out and open up. I would recommend this book 4/5 because most of the inventions in the book were invented by men even though women invented some very useful objects too (such as Mary Anderson who invented wind screen wipers!)

  • Holly m says:

    Author:Simon Adams
    It is about the titanic it has everyone who survived.
    I enjoyed it it because I like history.
    I rate it 4/5

  • Ellie R says:

    The Midnight gang by David Walliams
    1.The midnight gang is about a boy named Tom .He goes to a boarding school . after a nasty cricket accident the goes to Lord funt hostpital.Every night at midnight they have to plot a plan to escape because the wicked ,mean matron will stop them .There is a porter who makes the childrens dreams come true but watch out because there very dangouros .At the end tom’s parents come and get him and there all one happy family again .Porter becomes dr of the childrens ward and natron is the toilet cleaner. I love this book because you feel like your with the children when theyy go on there adventures.
    my score for this book is 5/5

  • Joe H 5JE says:

    Title:harry potter and the cursed child
    Author:JK Rowling
    The book I am currently reading is called Harry Potter and the cursed child.I am enjoying this book because it is full of action and adventure.The two main characters are called scorpious and albus albus is the son of this book there is lots about the triwizard Tornment and Cedric digory.I have also discovered lots of Harry Potter facts whilst reading this book.
    Points out of 5:4

  • Emily C 5JE says:

    Title: 100 facts about Ancient Egypt
    Author: Miles Kelly- From the project history set

    Synopsis: This book is about the life of the people who lived in Ancient Egypt.This book describes how the Nile was important and it tells you about the Egyptian afterlife and what they had to do to get in.

    Why I enjoy this book: I enjoy this book because I am interested in archaeology and Ancient Egypt. It talks about archaeologists and how they discovered the tombs in the valley of the kings. I also like the way the book is set out and how it describes the history of Ancient Egypt.

    I rate this book: 4.5/5 because I think that the book should have included more about the Egyptian gods

  • henry 5E says:

    TITLE-Top Gear 100 fastest cars.
    Author-Top Gear
    Synopsis-the book tells you about the speed,horse power,price and how fast it goes from 0 mph to 60 mph e.g. 3.6 seconds
    I enjoyed this book because it tells alot of information about cars if you don’t know much about them and all there stats.
    I think 5 OUT OF 5.

  • Amy L 5JE says:

    Amazing Junior Atlas Human Body
    Author not stated

    This book tells you all about the human body and how it works. There are awesome illustrations and detailed diagrams that are labelled and help to explain the information even more. It has similes and metaphors throughout to help younger children understand the key information in a simpler way. Inside, the pages are set out in colourful boxes with simple but effective sub-headings.

    I enjoy this book because it makes biology exciting and explains it really well. It also uses technical language but then explains what it means which not all information books do. I love how colourful it is and how bits of it pop out at you and make you want to read them.

    I wold score it 5/5 because it could be for all ages and is genuinely a really good book.

  • Rose B 5JE says:

    Title: The Manual of Horsemanship

    Author: The Pony Club (no author listed)

    This book tells you everything you need to know about horses! It is an official pony club manual.

    My favourite non-fiction book is The Manual of Horsemanship because it is very interesting and includes every detail of caring for horses, riding them and pretty much everything else. It also informs the reader about horse colours, markings, tack, gates, behaviour and natural habitat. I would recommend this book to anyone who wants to get seriously into horse riding or would like to learn more about them. It will also help you with future pony club exams.

    Five star rating: 5/5

  • Lacey.B 5JE says:

    I like the book ” ULTIMATE WILDLIFE”
    I like this book because it tells me all about animals, so if I don’t know something about an animal I know I can turn straight to this book. There are also animals in there I never knew about that is why I like this book.The contents are How to use this set, Animal families, The dog family, Coyote, Gray wolf, Black-backed jackal, Red fox, Artic fox, Fennec fox, Bat eared fox, African wild dog and Dingo.

  • Anya S 5JE says:

    Aiken Drum
    By Anon (?)
    This poem is about a boy called Aiken Drum and what he looks like. It is also about a person called Willy Wood and what he ate .In this poem they compare both people : ‘ his hat was made of good cream cheese and his name was Aiken Drum ‘ and ‘ he ate up all the good cream cheese and his name was Willy Wood’. I enjoy this poem because I like how they compare the two people. I think it would be better if it was rhyming though! I also think this is a old poem because it has words like penny loaves and haggis beans .
    I would give this poem:⭐️⭐️⭐️( three stars)

  • Holly J 5E says:

    Title:Horses & ponies
    Author:Camilla De la Bedoyere
    Synopsis:This book is about different horse and pony breeds and how to tell them apart from other breeds it also lets you record were you’ve seen the horses/ponies.It tells you about breeds like Thoroughbred and Mustang.
    I enjoy this book because it’s about horses breeds and tells you information about the different horses breeds. I also find it interesting because it tells you about were they originate from and what colours they come in.
    I would rate this book 4/5 .

  • Benj R 5JE says:

    Title: Big Questions From Little People

    Author: Gemma Alwin Harris

    Synopsis: Experts from all fields, (scientists, explorers and a lot more) answer questions asked by children. There are lots of questions, for example, ‘What makes a rainbow’? , ‘How does my brain control me’? Some questions are silly but fun.

    I loved my book because it is fun , clever , funnny and informative.
    Score: 4/5 ****

  • Ellie R 5S says:

    Title: Golden tips for keeping your first Rabbit

    Author: Amanda O’ Neill

    Synopsis: This book informs the reader about how to care for your Rabbit .
    It includes all topics from choosing a breed of Rabbit to everyday needs.

    I enjoyed reading this book because it helped me to understand all the needs for Fudge,(my rabbit).
    I especially enjoyed reading the chapter on ‘Food and Feeding’.


  • Ollie W says:

    Complete Children’s Cookbook
    Elizabeth Yeates
    This book is about how to cook different things like desserts main meals and even food for party’s it gives you an easy to read instructions and a list of all the ingredients you need for the bake . I like this book because it has so many different recopies and food from all around the world .

    I would rate this book xxxx (stars) because of its cool recopies 🙂 :O

  • lillie-mae 5je says:

    name of book: the ultimate cooking book
    author: Jane bull
    the book I’m reading is a about cooking .
    I enjoy it because it tells you how to make a car out of veg or sweet and it has different desin for each season .
    5/5 stars

  • Eden 5JE ? says:

    Title: Why? Why? Why?
    Authors: Camilla de la Bedoyere, Catherine Chambers and Chris Oxlade

    Synopsis: This book asks questions about 10 different topics which are related to science, ?history, ?animals, ?and humans. ?‍?‍?‍?

    I enjoy this book because it answers lots of questions which I often wonder about. It also provides very interesting facts about each topic and I really enjoy learning new things about the world. ?

    I would score this book ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  • Thomas R 5JE says:

    Author : Gullem Balague
    Title : Messi
    his is a book about a famous footballers’ life from when he was kid to now
    I enjoy this book because its’ about one of my favourite footballers'(Messi)
    and its really interesting because it has lots of information.
    I would give this book 5/5
    I would recommend this book to people that are interested into famous
    peoples lives.

  • Johnny H 5JE says:

    Title:The Ant Eater
    Author :Roald Dahl
    Synopsis: This is a poem about a boy named Roy he lives in the USA. Roy gets spoilt by his parents, he gets toys, TV’s, pets and modal aeroplanes. Roy demands something new that nobody has ever owned. Roy’s Dad phones the zoo to buy an ant eater, but the they say its not for sale. Roy’s Dad phones a man in India who sells him an ant eater.
    The ant eater comes through the post and is hungry. He begs Roy for food, Roy says he has to find his own ants to eat.
    One day Roy’s Aunt Dorthy comes round to visit but Americans can’t pronounce words properly and introduces his ant to his ant eater….the ant eater devours his aunt and then eats Roy for dessert.
    Why I enjoy this poem: I enjoyed this poem because it is full of laughter, nobody expects the ant eater to eat poor Roy’s Aunt. I liked the mispronunciation of the word aunt and ant because it shows how important it is to say words properly to get the right meaning.
    Score 4/5

  • James 5JE says:

    This book doesn’t have an author.
    My synopsis:
    This book has all you need to know about the world of POKEMON!! (No sun/moon)
    It is handy if you would like a job at Pokemon or you love Pokemon like crazy!! (I DO)
    It includes:
    cute pokemon and
    normal pokemon.
    Why I enjoy this book:
    I enjoy this book because it has all the tips and tricks about the Pokemon world,
    it also has lots of handy information about pokemon and tells you the type, region, height, weight, species, how to say, name, possible moves and a short description
    of the Pokemon.
    I would rate this book: 4.5 / 5 (90%)

  • Noah.P says:



    SYNOPSIS: It helps you on the game Minecraft. It also tells you how to build youtube players houses.

    Why you enjoy this book: I enjoy it a lot beacuse I really like Minecraft

    RATING: 4.5/5

  • Rose H 5JE says:

    Title: The Nurses Song

    Author: Roland Dahl

    Synopsis: This is about a boy growing up to be the president, even though he can’t read or write.
    His Granny is telling the story in the poem and is worrying about his life. There are three parts to the poem.
    The first part is Granny doing things for him in his early childhood, like washing in between his toes.
    The second part is when the boys parents realise he can’t read or write and worrying that he can’t get a job.
    The third part is the boys Granny teaching him how to become a politician and how to make a speech a day, how to keep his hands and teeth clean so that he can become the president.
    In the end the Granny regrets teaching him to be a politician because he becomes the president.

    Why I enjoyed the book: I like poems because they give you a better picture in your mind than other types of writing. This poem is funny and rhyming and tells a story of a boys life using witty language.

    Score: 4/5

  • amina s says:

    Madame Pamplemousse and the Enchanted Sweet Shop ,Rupert Kingfisher
    This book is about a young girl called Madeleine, who is an amazing cook and is freinds with a lady who cooks with all sorts of things.But she gets caught in the middle of a fight between two of her older freinds and gets trapped in an other dimention.I enjoyed this book because it is really griping and has alot of drama.My score out of five for this book would be 5 because it has all the criteria a book should have.

  • Noah.P says:

    It also includes Quizzes , Challenges like what to do when you’ve defeated the ender dragon! , Characters that you get when you play in story mode. But I personaly like it because it tells you everything you need to know.

  • Emily T 5E says:

    Title: The Illustrated Guide To The Solar System
    Author: Alexander Gordon Smith
    Synopsis: This amazing book will surprise the reader with its astonishing and interesting facts about the amazing solar system that we live in. It will also tell you about different things, like eclipses and stars. I recommend this book for ages over 6 because some of the language is a bit too complicated for certain ages to understand. I do not have a favourite part because all the parts of this book are as good as the last one. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

    I rate this book 5/5

  • Oscar D 5E says:

    Getting to know Elizabeth Macleod
    This is a very informative book about lions in their natural habitat.It gives you facts like:what it eat’s,how big it is,how fast it is and what it does with it’s day.I really liked it because it is about my favourite animal.
    It also helped me gather knowledge for my lion report that i am writing at home.I give it:*****

  • Charlotte M 5JE says:

    How to draw
    Author:Nick Sharratt
    I enjoy this book because, it has lots of really good tips the steps are clear and the steps have writing of tips on how to do it.
    This book is all about Jaquline Wilson there are lots of different things to draw with lots of step to step guides and tips.
    I would give this book 5 out of 5 stars.

  • Daisy Y 5E says:

    Title: see under the ground
    Author: Alex Frith and Coiln King
    Synopsis: This book is about seeing under the ground like beneath your street, under the city, animal underworld, creepy caves and digging up the past.
    Why I enjoyed this book:I enjoyed this book because it tells you about under the ground and your past. I also like this book because it is a flap book witch I like.
    My score out of 5: I give this book five gold stars.
    Facts: This book has over 75 flaps to lift?
    What you can see: you can see TV cables, broadband cables, telephone cables and electricity cables. Also junction boxes contain a tangle of wires to connect phones. And lots more.
    By Daisy Yorke

  • Lola says:

    My favourite book is called ruby redfort by laren child its all about a girl working for a secret agent organisation,she faces great challenges and each book is a new adventure. I would rate this 9 3- out of 10 it would be for 5-12. —-

  • megan A 5JE says:

    my favourite non-fiction book is children’s history of BIRMINGHAM,
    This book is about the history of Birmingham and a time line of when things happened there is rebuilding Birmingham, health and education, city of cars, Birmingham today and tomorrow and many more things.
    My favourite part is under new homes when they talk about the spaghetti junction. did you know that the spaghetti junction crosses two rivers, three canals and two railway lines.
    I think that I would rate this book 4 out of 5 because it doesn’t get boring and it is very interesting.

  • Ercan 5E says:

    My book 101 fascinating facts to know about under the sea is for people who like animals under the sea any age .I think it is a good book because it tells you where the animal lives and it tells you the size of the animal and it tells you all about the animals diet.

  • Emma5E says:

    Title: The Midnight Gang
    Author: David Walliams
    Synopsis: The Midnight Gang is about four children who are in hospital . They go on adventures at midnight because during the day they are bored because there is nothing to do in the hospital . The childrens names are Amber, Tom, George and Robin they are all 9 except Amber who is 10.The adventures they go on are activities that make the members dreams come true.
    What I enjoyed: I enjoyed that the book is very adventurous and my favourite adventure was when they made the freezing room into Antarctica for Amber.
    Out of 5: I give this book a 5.

  • Max Coulthard says:

    The title of the book is Match Annual 2017.
    The editor is James Bandy.
    The book is all about football and best players/teams,it also includes facts and puzzles,cartoons and facts about the players.
    I enjoy this book because i like football and its all about football.
    I rate this book 5 stars.

  • ishaan s 5je says:

    My favourite non fiction book is The Fearsome Fight for Flight a Horrible science book by Nick Arnold and Phil Gates. Its about how different ways to fly were discovered and invented . I enjoy it because its interesting and a bit funny. STAR RATING : [ 4.1/5]

  • Oliver C 5JE says: says:

    Title:Dwarf & mini rabbits
    Author:Dr Anne McBride
    Synopsis:This book is a book on how to look after a Dwarf or mini Rabbit.It is very interesting filled with loads of facts and information about Dwarf or Mini Rabbits.This book is very easy to pick up and is filled with lots of photos showing you what things should look like.
    Why I enjoy this book:I enjoy this book because it is very interesting and I bought this book a year ago when I got my Rabbits and it has been a huge help to me looking after them I am so glad I bought this book.
    My rating out of 5:I give this book 5/5 because of how useful it is and how interesting it is.

  • Sophia A 5E says:

    Tittle: Poems for young children. Author: Miles Kelly. Synopsis: This book has got lots of different poems for children by a vast range of authors and poets. Why I Enjoy This Book : I enjoy this book because it has lots of different genres of poems and some of them make you laugh because they are very funny. I would recommend this book of poems for children 6+. I would give this book a 4/5.

  • Courtney swain 5JE says:

    Ooh what a lovely pair: Ant and Dec
    This book is the auto-biography of ant and Dec, it tells you the ups and downs of their life and what troubles they went through to become famous. Read through this book full of comedy, drama and fun to give you a laugh!
    I enjoy this book because it has lots of funny parts in it also it’s a true story so it’s more believable.
    I give this book a score of 5 because it’s a really fun book and you’ll never get tired of it!

  • Aaila.H 5E says:

    Ottoline and the yellow cat.By Chris Riddell.
    This book is about Ottoline and her friend Mr Monroe who work together to solve a crime.
    i enjoy this book because it is very interesting and mysterious.
    i would score it 5 out of 5.

  • Sabaheta f 5E says:

    Title (peotry book)
    Wriggle and roar
    Julia Donaldson
    A girl thinks what animal she can be and a boy who’s got a terrible tickles all over his body
    Why I enjoy this book
    It’s nice and very imgantive and anybody could read this book especially kids
    My score would be a 4.6/5

  • Zahra 5E says:

    ‘The World’s Most Unbelievable Facts & Records’, written by Curtis Slepian is a book that contains lots of interesting facts, the one you should see is the ‘Chocolate Dreams’ section of the book. There is information about a whole army of 560 soldiers made out of Belgium chocolate and an actual BMW full-size car. I wonder if it runs on chocolate syrup!
    This is my favourite book because it is filled with exciting new facts to learn!
    This book is appropriate for all ages and I recommended it to everyone.
    Rating: 5/5

  • George s 5E says:

    Tittle:Animal Stories
    Author:Dick King Smith
    Illustrated by Michael Jerry
    Synopsis:this book has 15 stories for eg. norty boy,the spelling bee and the septopus and more but I like the ugly Duckling because it tells you about eggs can grow even bigger than other animal eggs and she is acting like she is the most beautiful in the whole book.
    This book is for 2 or over but if you can’t read ask you mom to help.
    To by this the price is £6.99.
    I rate this for 1/5
    Your sincerely: George s

  • Freya T 5JE says:

    Title: Girl Online
    Author: Zoe Sugg AKA Zoella (youtuber)
    Girl Online is an auto biography by the famous Zoe Sugg it explains about the true story of her and her friends lives . It is set out like a diary, though it has no pictures in it , but does have some pages were it shows her text exchanges with her friends.
    I enjoy this book because its something that i like reading and its about the life story of my favourite youtuber . I would score this book a 4.5 out of five only because i think it lacks that little bit of excitement .

  • Skye Hamilton says:

    My favourite non-fiction book is:
    Complete children’s cook book.
    This book is interesting and has some of the simplest recipes for kids.Its easy to read and provides you with recipes to make delicious things that I definitely like!
    I enjoy this book because it’s informative easy for kids (like me)to understand and follow .The recipes work and are very nice.
    I would rate this book a 4.9 and suitable for ages 5+
    By:Skye-Rose H

  • Josh H 5JE says:

    My review is about The Giraffe And The Pelly And Me by Roald Dahl.
    It is about a young boy, billy, who meets a giraffe, pelican and a monkey who work as window cleaners
    I like this book because it’s fun to read, it starts off in a sweet shop and has some funny animals in it. Their characters make me laugh!
    I give it 4.5 out of 5!

  • Jacky says:

    Interesting report,Elliot. You must have learnt a lot from this book as well as enjoying it. The “comic strip” presentation makes it fun to read.

  • Ollie S 5S says:

    My favourite non-fiction books, are from the science museum!They’re called:WHY IS SNOT GREEN,HOW LOUD CAN YOU BURP and DOES FARTING MAKE YOU FASTER.These great books have rhetorical questions in the blurb like:How do you bend a football like Beckham?,What are clouds for? and:Do rabbits fart?The author of these amazingly exciting books is:Glenn Murphy!Her books explore the vast,amazing world of my second favourite subject:SCIENCE!!!!

  • Ollie S 5S says:

    My most favourite books are my whole HORRIBLE HISTORIES collection!There’s 20. Here are some of the names:SAVAGE STONE AGE,AWESOME EGYPTIANS,GROOVY GREEKS and ROTTEN ROMANS.I’d reccommend these books because they’re awesome!Author:Terry Deary. I like these,because they bring the fun out of history!I enjoy the gore,because it’s gross!Did you know?Julius Ceaser when he was murdered he recived 23 wounds!What the!That’s why I enjoy GORY books not BORING books!

  • Ollie S 5S says:

    I’d give …5/5 for my books

  • sophie w 5S says:

    Guinness World Records 2016
    this book is my favourite non fiction book because it has a wide range of topics for you to read. Guinness World Records is a book about different people, animals and even wildlife. It is sometimes different peoples talents or animal talents or the biggest cave on the planet et cetera. I like it because I like seeing different peoples achievements and how they managed to make a world record. There’s even one for the most expensive sandwich! I would score this book definitely 5/5 because I love it! I’d recommend it for anyone who enjoys reading funny, bizarre facts.