Year 6: Holdenby Evacuee Centre

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This week, Year 6 collected their identity cards and gas-mask boxes in preparation for mass evacuation to Holdenby House in Northamptonshire.

On arrival, the evacuees were split into four villages: Upper Bottom, Lower Bottom, Hogsbottom and Great Whinging. While waiting for the charabancs to arrive, the evacuees participated in a variety of activities to ensure that they were helpful additions to their new families:

• Mrs North shared a recipe for ‘Woolton pie’ and how to extend our weekly ration • We helped Mrs Fortescue-Oliver with her ‘Make-Do-and-Mend’ projects, such as rag rugs and pom-poms

• The Major showed us his kitbag items and told us about life as a soldier

• Stella, the land army girl, explained how to keep safe in various air-raid shelters and which sounds to listen out for, such as the ‘all clear’

Here are some of our reviews:

Joseph: “Going to Holdenby House was a great experience because of the hands-on activities and the staff that worked there were really nice and funny!”

Sofia: “I thought it was really interesting that certain adults stood on rooftops with sand to put out incendiary bombs.”

Dan: “I loved Holdenby House because all the jobs and activities were really inviting and enjoyable.”

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