Special Educational Needs (SEND)

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At Bournville Junior School, we embrace the fact that all children are different and have diverse learning needs.  We strive to offer an inclusive environment.

Our goal is to enable all children to achieve their best possible outcomes and feel like valued members of our school community.  Sometimes children need additional support for a variety of reasons.

The Inclusion Team works closely with pupils, parents/carers and teachers to ensure pupils’ needs are met and to monitor provision.

You can contact any one of us by telephoning the school office on  0121 675 9098 or 0121 675 9099 or by email at enquiry@bnvillej.bham.sch.uk.  You can also     contact our SENDCO Sarah Woodall directly at SEN@bnvillej.bham.sch.uk .

SEND Governor

Within our school governing board, we have a governor whose responsibility is to oversee our school’s SEND provision.  Her name is Louisa Jones and she can be contacted by addressing an email for her attention to enquiry@bnvillej.bham.sch.uk